Spain Ciudad Industrial del Valle del Nalón SAU

“Valnalón: a place for entrepreneurship since 1987”

Ciudad Industrial del Valle del Nalón, S.A.U. (VALNALON) was created by the Government of the Principality of Asturias (Spain) in 1987 under the Ministry of Industry and Labour.

Its main objective has been to design and implement a business regeneration, promotion and dynamism in the Nalón Valley.

Throughout this time we have constantly evolved tilting the focus from the development of infrastructures (Business centre, industrial estate, training centre, etc.) to a firm commitment to develop entrepreneurship in order to change mindsets facilitating the transition from the Industrial Age to a more entrepreneurial society.

In 1993 Valnalon was commissioned by Asturias Regional Government to implement the recently launched Asturias Entrepreneurship Action Plan with two priority areas:

  1. Entrepreneurship education, whose goal is to develop enterprising skills and attitudes in all levels of the education system.

  2. Business promotion, whose goal is to support business development.

Entrepreneurship Education

When we say Entrepreneurship Education we are talking ab out the development of entrepreneurial profiles that contribute to social change. This is achieved through the personal development of entrepreneurial competence, referring to the ability to turn ideas into action.

Valnalon designs, implements and supports students, teachers and schools in the development of enterprise education projects. Our Training Programme for Entrepreneurship enables primary and secondary school students to have a first-hand experience of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial Promotion

Promoting entrepreneurship is a response to the need for a social change that encourages the development of entrepreneurial culture through supporting the creation and consolidation of businesses.

This process is born with the business idea, it is developed in the business plan with advice and training and it is consolidated as a company with a physical space and support.

Enterprising Network

Enterprising network helps local employers and schools to get in touch and establish fruitful, effective and sustainable partnerships. The objectives are to reinforce employers-students links, raise students academics and professional aspirations and expose students to a rich and diverse mix of role models.

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