Austria Die Querdenker

Our work is based on personal and social responsibility. We direct our actions to the protection of human dignity and the implementation and improvement of social standards that strengthen the social position of people with special needs.

In the process of development we want to define achievable goals, make well-thought-out decisions and develop plans of action that meet the needs of the individual, the group or the organization.

We are offering following services:


Supervision, coaching, organizational and project development
  • We support teams, groups and organizations in reflecting and improving their professional and voluntary work.
  • We coach people and organizations in the process of change and development. We support the clients in developing visions, discovering their personal resources & potentials and realizing individual solutions.
  • Organizational development improves company structures and processes both internal and external.
  • We aim for the maximum satisfaction of organizations, customers and employees.


We are a professional and reliable partner for Lifelong Learning, Progress, ESF, Intereg and similar programs as well as a management consultant for other NGOs. The main goal of these projects is the improvement of the living conditions of people who are excluded from social life for several reasons. We focus on qualification measures, anti stigma campaigns, poverty alleviation programs and consciousness coaching etc. with the aim of better social integration for our beneficiaries.

Social trade:

Since Die Querdenker is a Social Firm and member of CEFEC, a part of our portfolio deals with the support of individuals and organizations in founding and setting up Social Firms. Our actions are based on the idea and philosophical approach of Prof. Frithjof Bergmann, the founder of the “new work - new culture” movement.


We live in a fast moving society where knowledge needs to be expanded constantly. Education doesn’t end by leaving school, it is a lifelong process. The Querdenker Academy offers further education in terms of seminars and workshops on topics like culture, software, social themes, leisure activities, soft skills, work and occupational integration.

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